Sunday, September 6, 2009

Recent months update

Aiko enjoying her pig skin on the sofa

*Sniff Sniff* What is this werid looking thing @.@?

Hello, any food for me?

Too lazy to blog, so here are some pictures from these few months =x

Sunday, June 21, 2009



So what is the surprise about? Aiko's beginning to roughly know where her toilet is. Lol.

Just yesterday and today, during the day, Aiko kept going back to the newspaper that we left at the kitchen to toilet train her.

She never fails to go back to the newspaper most fo the time. A slight improvement in her attitude too.

Usually, she tends to bite me. However, for the past 2 days, the number of times she bite me has reduced (>o<) PHEW!

Anyway, just been down to U S Pethouse to get some pet supplies for her. Such as nail clipper (T_T), and also her favourite Natural Balance biscuit. Sadly, the duck flavour biscuit no more le (x_X)"

So i bought her turkey, cranberry and oatmeal biscuit and also sweet potato and fish. Just opened the turkey, cranberry and oatmeal biscuit. It's her first time eating it. GUESS WAT!

She likes it!

That's the way the biscuit crumbles! =x

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Queen of the House

Ahahaha. . . (@。@)"

Looking at the title of this post. . give yourself 1min to roughly think what will be the content of this post xD

From the word "Queen", u roughly know who i'm refering to.

Yes. It refers to Aiko.  =。= Sorry for being lame. Lol.
Well, my family and i decided to let her out of the playpen and let her roam around our house in the day and only in the night she will go to the kitchen to sleep.
Haha, the thing is when she's in the playpen, she will wanna climb out. She's clever, always putting her foot on the 2nd foot hold and tries to jump out. (x_X)

Anyway, Aiko's been kinda tired after her booster vaccination on Sunday. Came back home looking very very tired. Too lazy to move. (>o<) so we left her to rest.

Funny thing is, the next day which is yesterday, when she woke up, she still look kinda tired in the morning. The vet say some dogs might experience diahorrea and slight fever, vomitting and even fainting (o.O)"

Gosh, that's scary. However, Aiko's the complete opposite of what the vet said. She was running about. Full of energy. Whenever she hears the sound of the biscuit, she never fails to not come to me. Lol.

Look at the picture above, u can see her munching on the pig skin again. @_@! すごい意

It just works miracle i tell ya.
Anyway, she's been a pretty good girl so far today. But, she still bites me when her teeth gets real itchy. (Kinda hurt right now. Cause some of her sharp teeth can be seen now)
Anyway, got to go now.
To infinity, and beyond! =x

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pig Skin does the trick

Her favourite treat
Can u guys see the pig face? Lol

Long green stick like pig skin. . Yummy (>^o^<)"

*Munch* *Munch*

Can u spot the pig skin in my mouth?

I gonna destroy this pig skin!!!! WHAHAHAHA
Oh. . . I bet u guys are wondering what is she doing. . what is that in her mouth right?

She's actually chewing on pig skin. . Funny thing is she usually tends to bite us occasionally.
Then, this afternoon my mother tried to let her chew the pig skin. . as i bought it awhile ago, and haven't gave it to her yet. When Aiko sniff the pig skin, she backed off ( think is because of the smell).

Then, when i got home, my bro tried letting her approach the pig skin slowly. In about 1 minute, she started chewing this pig skin. What surprised us was she was suddenly so well behaved. Lol.
Guess we are gonna use this pig skin when we let her out to keep her busy.

Anyway, tml is the day for the 3rd vaccination.

Cya till then. xD

Friday, June 12, 2009

She's the ONE

Can you guess which one is Aiko out of the three beautiful japaneses spitz puppies?

The other 2 are her brothers btw. xD

Ahh. . . Aiko!!!!!!!

      こんいちわ。 わたしはあいこです、日本スピッツデス。どぞよろしくおねがいします。
すごい。That was a little intro by Aiko. Hehe.
Phew. . . been about 1-2 weeks since i got Aiko. Been busying taking care of her and housetraining her.

What can i say about Aiko, she's a little angel at first sight, it was love at first sight when my mother and bro saw her.

Her beautiful eyes just melts ur heart. Especially, when she looks at you with those innocent eyes. Ahahahaha.

Yup. . that's her in the picture, the first time she came to our house!! Giving that big grin (actually she's pressing on the playpen) xD

Well, she is going for her 3rd vaccination on Sunday. After that, the real fun begins!

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆バンバン!!      ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

That was a little cheer for Aiko. Hehe. Cause after her 3rd vaccination, she is able to enjoy the great outdoors. There's this quote which amuse me, especially if u hear it.

"Ah! The Great Outdoors!"

Anyway, ciao for now!